I am a researcher. I search long and hard to better understand the ever-evolving role of women's health in society. I believe in order to achieve our greatest desires and goals, we need to become aquatinted with what it is our body needs to not only heal, but thrive. This is unique for every woman, therefore, I have a deep passion to empower women's unique journeies through functional holistic health counseling and I work diligently on being a trusted resource for women as they navigate their relationship to self-care.

I practice an evidence-based, personalized approach using Functional MedicinePositive Psychology, Nutrition, Energy Therapy and Holism Theory.

My primary goal in practice is to support women to feel and be more whole, by exploring what nourishes the WHOLE human experience: mind, body, heart + spirit. Through nurturing the connection between the digestive, immune, nervous and psychological systems of the human body, collaboratively, my clients and I address chronic health symptoms, such as: 

  • digestive dysfunction
  • chronic fatigue/stress
  • hormone imbalance
  • irregular mense cycles
  • infertility/miscarriage
  • skin aliments
  • sensitivities/allergies
  • anxiety/depression
  • sugar and caffeine addiction

Please contact me to schedule a foundation session. Want a quick chat before committing to a full session?  I am happy to have a complimentary 15-minute call/text to answer any questions you may have, because finding the right fit for your journey is one of the most important parts of our success. You can reach me by mobile or email

Training + credentials: 

  • Master of Arts in Holistic Health, candidate 2017
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, 2004
  • Certificate in Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology, 2017 
  • Certificate in Energy Therapy (Healing/Therapeutic Touch + Reiki), 2017
  • Certificate in Integrative Nutrition, 2009