Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you primarily work with?

I primarily work with women’s health cases. I specialize in supporting women who are interested in addressing gut/brain health and reproductive health (menstrual/fertility/pregnancy) with a more holistic, functional lifestyle approach. My client’s process often includes, healing the gut lining and diversifying the microbiome, balancing hormones, regulating stress, and restoring spirit energy. I also have a special expertise in supporting mother and baby during the critical window of infant gut microbiome development––perinatal, prenatal and postnatal life stage(s).

Are you a certified practitioner?

Yes. I am certified through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (2017) and Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2009). I will be maintaining my certification through the ICHWC national board exam and complete on-going CEU requirements.

Is there published research about the effectiveness of health coaching?

Yes. This topic is rapidly growing in the medical literature. Please read this article Compendium of Health and Wellness Coaching Literature (2017), published by the peer-reviewed academic journal, American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, to learn more.

How long do you typically work with your clients?

This is very client specific. On average, clients initially work with me at a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of about 2 years, depending on their unique healing journey or goals. After our initial coaching sessions are complete, some clients like to return for maintenance support. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If the client needs to cancel or reschedule the appointment, the client must do so 24-hours in advance; otherwise, the client will forfeit that appointment.

Where do you see clients?

I am committed to my client’s privacy, therefore strive for HIPAA compliance in all healing settings. I see clients in-person at The George Wellbeing Center in downtown Minneapolis or virtually via video conference or telephone.

Are you a dietician?

No. I am a nutrition coach and educator.  Evidence-based and personalized nutrition is a core belief of my work, therefore I primarily work within the functional nutrition model. Functional nutrition is a cutting-edge, clinical approach for using food to restore the physiological functions of the body.  

I am also certified in integrative nutrition, therefore have knowledge of the many approaches to diet and nutrition therapies—from vegan raw foods to traditional foods to Atkins, paleo and Keto.

Are you a therapist?

Our skills overlap, however I am not a mental health practitioner. Rather, I am a self-improvement coach supporting my clients mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Please read this article to learn more about the overlap of psychotherapy and coaching. 

Do you take health insurance as payment?

Not at this time. However, as ICHWC works towards standardizing the health coaching field, FSA and insurance coverage is in the somewhat distant future. Please consider supporting their efforts to advance this much needed role of the health care team.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check or Debit/Credit Card. All payments are due prior to session. Payment plans are available. Scholarships are available at The George Wellbeing Center.



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