Client Love

Making a healthful impact in peoples lives (especially women's lives) is my highest priority. Hear what my clients are saying!

“An unexpected change occurred. I began to see and accept my body for what it truly is, feminine, strong and beautiful.”

— Kate, Operations Coordinator


“By working with Sally, all aspects of my life realigned to a new balance, a new state of well-being. I have come back to me! Sally is an expert that walks her talk, too!” 

— Maren, Business Consultant

“I no longer need coffee and redbull to stay awake!”

— Gus, Head Bartender

“Sally is here to empower individuals and their families to find clarity, confidence and enjoyment again when choosing what to eat, why to eat and how to eat.” 

— Michelle, Mother of Three

“I feel better about this investment more than my 401K!”

— Mary, Nursing Consultant

“Extremely knowledgeable, patient and non-judgmental. Sally enabled and empowered me to follow my own path, not someone else's.”

– Melissa, Healthcare Specialist